TopicSuccess in Cold Calling - Secrets Unveiled!

  • Thu 14th Mar 2019 - 11:14am

    Yesterday is not an option, and if you are worried about anything other thanBrainwave Shots the now, like the future, something is really wrong with you. A good investment is a good investment, and past successes are sometimes good to reflect upon. But living concretely in the past is a destructive habit that should be broken as soon as possible. Positive living and action in the present is always good, great and wonderful. If it was not, then everything would habitually fail no matter what, and we all know that is not true or real in any way. That, reality is a mixture of trial, error, success at times and failure at times. Everyone is dreaming of checks and balances where one condition of success or failure is totally predominant. Reality is a logical mixture of all things real, and even our thoughts on the matter are real. In fact, all energy is real at any level it exists, even as imagination. It sounds silly, until you really think about it. So, take a minute of contemplation before you read the next paragraph, just what I am saying.

    Good, I hope you took that minute or more. Because, reality is more than just what is in front of us, it is everything. If it was not everything, then no concept would work, let alone exist. Energy is, use it? Yes, if you want to make reality work to your greatest advantage. From thought, to money, to electricity, everything is energy in different forms that can be used or misused. I remember reading this Michael Korda book about getting power, using power and keeping power. Sure, basically it had one accurate theme, all things come in one form, reality and it is always there. Sure, I am sure he meant corporate boardroom power mainly, but I understood his deeper, unconsciously come by meaning that he had within even that understanding of what power is and how it is really used.

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