TopicAnything Goes and Should It?

  • Mon 15th Apr 2019 - 12:32pm

    There is a significant difference between hardcore Curso Maestro Reiki Review  teachers and philosophers, many of whom I personally know and respect, as well as novices who are sincere in their desire to truly learn something. Then there is the plethora of rank and title mongers who don't have a clue as to the truth of the matters they profess and can only utilize their talents to paraphrase and plagiarize the work of others to impress the unsuspecting. They don't have (and more than likely never will have) an original idea, and so they keep trying to reinvent themselves in an attempt to convince themselves and others of what they think they are rather than acknowledging the reality of who they are. They simply cannot come to terms with the tragedy of their own in consequence.

    There are many who understand and devote themselves to the various disciplines, staying quiet in the background while many others do not. Unfortunately, there is not a governing agency that can issue "licenses." There are countless "organizations" that toss around all kinds of achievement certificates, hall of fame memberships, awards for "Karate Mom of the Year," etc. Then there is the incessant prattle of "being honored to be associated with," along with the advent of social networking that pathetically leads everyone to think they are experts in everything.

    I am well aware that what I am postulating herein leaves me wide open to the very same criticisms that I am levying on others though my teachings have withstood the test of time, and I am truly unconcerned with the denigrating thoughts and comments of others. I answer only to myself.

    Ah, the misguided notions of freedom, liberty, and equality that that presupposes. More and more misleading information is posted nanosecond by nanosecond, uploading incredible amounts of inane wisdom 101 pablum on an unsuspecting, yet earnestly seeking public. Follow that with the naive notion that everyone is equal. Everyone is NOT equal; that's just the way of the world. A one world society of equals can never work. Why? Because someone will still have to herd the sheep into the pens and slaughterhouses unless we all become a race of Wellesian Eloi.

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