TopicDating to a Relationship - 4 Simple Ways to Move From Dating to a Relationship

  • Mon 15th Apr 2019 - 12:02pm

    This frustration will cause you to act insecure and make you do things that repulse The Hidden You Review him away from you. You'll start to nag him and criticize him for almost everything. The excitement in the relationship will be lost and you'll find yourself losing him for another woman. Therefore, the only way to ensure his attraction towards you is by being unavailable and by not demonstrating any signs of insecurity.

    As a society, how have we managed to accomplish life details without the modern conveniences of communication technology as we see it today. And now with just a click of a button we can speak and view our loved ones on a computer screen from across the country, or relate information to the masses at an instant. The ability to communicate and access information on a dime has undoubtedly made living much easier and our time much more efficient. And even though modern technology has revolutionized the way we connect to the world, it is not the catalyst to building or maintaining relationships.

    Communication is rooted on human interaction and when disengaged from physical connection, intended interpretation can be distorted. Studies have shown that a significant amount of communication is non-verbal. facial expressions, voice tone and body language all correspond to interpret a person's true emotion. We can easily fall into the trap of becoming lazy communicators as a result of the conveniences in texting, emailing, IM and all those great finger talking gadgets.

    To build successful relationships we need to communicate effectively and at the same time set our standards for how we choose others to communicate with us. The Rule of Thumb should be: Texting is for relating logistical information or relating basic information only and not for carrying conversations. For example; "The cafe is located in the City of Orange:, or "Thank you for dinner had a wonderful evening, hope to see you soon".

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