TopicPretending - It Isn't the Ending

  • Thu 14th Mar 2019 - 11:21am

    Sly began trying to write a bunch of screenplays. Yet even with this new direction, he began Hypnosis Live  to run into the same brick walls. Nothing was working, nobody was buying his stuff, until finally, one day, he sold a script he called "Paradise Alley" (which he starred in years later by the way), for $100 bucks. Unfortunately, at the time, it never led to anything. At this point, he were so broke that he hawked his wife's jewelry. Well that was basically the end of that relationship, she hated his guts and thought he was a total loser, a selfish and lousy provider and thought he would never amount to anything.

    The one thing in his life that he loved was his dog. "Butkiss" was his best friend. Yet he was so broke, he didn't even have enough to feed the poor thing. So Sly was forced to do the one thing to survive that he never thought he would ever have to do. It was the lowest point in his life. He went out and stood in front of a liquor store and began approaching strangers to try and sell his dog. He wanted $50 bucks. He finally sold the dog, his best and only true friend in the whole world for $25.00 and as he waked away, he cried. Two weeks later he was watching a boxing match between Mohammad Ali and this unknown guy named Wepner. This unknown was being beaten to a pulp but yet he just kept on coming. He just kept getting back up no matter how many times he got knocked down. That event is what inspired Sly to write the story of "Rocky".

    He got so motivated that he wrote the entire script in 20 hours strait without sleep. He took it around because he finally thought he had a winner. Well, nobody agreed with him. They all thought it was stupid, it was predictable, no one would want to see another "boxing movie." he was told. He didn't give up though. He finally found some people that actually liked it. In fact they loved it and they offered Sly $125,000 dollars for the script. Sly said ok, but on one condition. That he would be able to star in the lead role. Well, that kinda changed things. The producers said "no way"...we are not going to risk $125,000 dollars of our money on a "no name writer" that wants to be an actor. They were actually considering Ryan O'Neal for the part because he was a star.

    Sly told them "if I can't have the part, you can't have the script." The producers said "take it or leave it". Sly left it. Now, here is a man with no money, no food, nothing... walking away from $125,000 dollars because he was not willing to compromise. Well, the producers went back and made him a second offer. $250,000 dollars this time. A quarter of a million dollars not to star in his own movie. Sly again said "NO." They came back a third time with their final offer...$325,000 dollars. "No sale, not without me." Sly wanted this more than anything. The producers finally compromised and gave him the lead role but only paid him $35,000 dollars because they really didn't think the picture would make it and they weren't going to risk allot of money and a "writer/want to-be actor" and on a film they thought would not do well anyway.

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