TopicBuild Your Own Dependable Solar Power System

  • Wed 15th May 2019 - 12:23pm


    This is what causes wind. Wind energy is in a never ending supply. So long Power Efficiency Guide Review as the sun is in the sky we will have wind. If we can develop the right technologies, we can harness this wind to provide a large part of our total electricity needs which would be a measure step forward in ending our reliance on fossil fuel. So what are the advantages of renewable wind energy. Here's a short list of why this technology deserves our interest and support.

    Wind is truly an unlimited source of energy. In fact it is estimated that if we could harness 1% of the world's wind power capacity we could satisfy the entire world's need for electrical power. Once the cost of developing and implementing the technology is met, the only ongoing expense is maintenance and that's absolutely negligible compared to maintaining conventional power generating stations.

    Obviously, if wind power can be used on a large scale we will greatly diminish our use of pollution causing fossil fuels. Expanding the concept of wind farms will create a new industry and new, badly needed jobs. In the United States, renewable wind energy is actually something of a boom business at the moment. Thanks to Federal production tax credits and loan guarantees, wind farms have spouted up all over the country.

    North Dakota and California lead the way with the most wind turbines because of their consistent winds. Obviously this is a technology not suited for all locations because there has to be a consistent persistent wind to power the turbines. The sources of fossil fuels are decreasing day by day. Also, the burning of fossil fuels causes many harmful effects on the environment. Unfortunately we cannot avoid either of these situations.

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