TopicNew ADHD Studies Reveal Benefits of Behavioral & Natural Treatments

  • Wed 15th May 2019 - 12:02pm

    Other ADHD Causes:Maternal: Researchers believe another Memory Hack  ADHD cause is mothers' smoking, drinking, or using drugs, while pregnant. Exposure to these hazards limits production of neurotransmitters which are responsible for brain activity.Toxins: Another possible cause of ADHD is exposure to toxins such as leads found in paint and pipes in old buildings and PCP found in drinking water.

    Other conditions: ADHD can occur in children who have learning disabilities or are gifted. Children with hyperthyroidism and those who diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder are also at risk.Risk Factors: The following factors increase the potential for childhood ADHD: premature birth, family history of behavioral disorders or ADHD, and mood disorders.

    Important information for parents to know: Short cuts are often taken when diagnosing ADHD. An accurate diagnosis of ADHD can only be given after several office visits, observations and the consideration of the following: Severity of the symptoms-impact and on education and relationship and social activities. When symptoms started: have they been ongoing or recent How long symptoms have been present. Must be a minimum of 6 months Symptoms must occur in multiple settings in order to provide accurate diagnosis

    When evaluating ADHD causes, it is important to make sure all information is provided and accurate steps are taken to make a precise diagnosis.Treatment options are many for ADHD; however, parents may want to consider homeopathic remedies. Millions of parents worldwide are turning to homeopathic remedies to treat ADHD. They are completely safe, with no risk of side effects. They are also known to be less expensive then prescription drugs. Safe, effective and less costly. No wonder millions have made the switch.


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